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Wow, so I cannot draw.

That’s alright though. I’m more of a writer. And I have a story to tell.

I have always been disabled. However, up until eight years ago, I could still walk, run, skip, jump, etc. In November 2006, I had a surgery that left me almost paralyzed. I could walk short distances but had to spend the rest of my time in a wheelchair. I was scared and confused. I didn’t know what to do. One day, I turned on the small television in my hospital room and realized that there was an Avatar marathon on. Now, you must understand. I’ve watched Avatar since I was in the fourth grade – when the very first episode came out! So I sat back and eagerly watched the marathon, whispering the dialogue and humming along to the music. When The Northern Air Temple came on, I sat in stunned silence. I had forgotten all about Teo! Here was an epic, well-written, character who just so happened to be disabled! Even better, he was a character who didn’t let his disability define him! By the time I reached The Blind Bandit, I was grinning from ear-to-ear as I watched Toph take down the group of wrestlers.

Toph and Teo are two of the best characters with disabilities that I’ve ever seen. Both are shown to have their limitations. Nevertheless, they’re both mentally, emotionally, and physically strong! And most importantly, they overcome their limitations! Teo can still fly around with the rest of his friends and is able to protect his home when the time comes. Toph is still able to travel around with the Avatar and has proven herself to be an excellent fighter and the greatest earthbender in the world!

To me, it was as if these fictional characters were saying, “You can do this! Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise. What do they know!?”

And eight years later, it seem that the tables have turned.

A large part of the Avatar fandom seems to be taking the news that Korra’s in a wheelchair very badly. I’ve seen so many depressing and nasty comments. Many people are wondering how the Avatar can still fight and keep balance while being in a wheelchair.

And every time I see someone comment about how Korra “can’t do this” I just smile and think, “Yes, she can.”

this brought tears to my eyes



Originally located in Arnhem Land, The Australian College of Sorcery and Witchcraft was a sprawling campus of large huts that eventually coalesced into one single structure. The college detached from mainland Australia soon after British settlement in order maintain their practices and culture. Ever since, the school has been drifting haphazardly in the ocean, although it never strays far from the Australian coast for ancient magic keeps the school tethered to Australian soil. Every year, a team of witches and wizards must be employed to anchor the floating campus so students aren’t forced into a cat-and-mouse chase at the beginning of the year in order to attend school (a frustrating endeavour which often results in the postponing of classes due to a large number of absences). To students’ great enjoyment, various creatures (including the occasional mermaid) can often be found sunbathing around the perimeter of the campus which gently slopes into the water. Due to their exposure to unusually friendly oceanic creatures, the college boasts incredibly extensive courses in aquatic-life studies, and is held in high esteem by the international wizarding community for its innovations in water magic. 

one word :— “ H E L P ” ©

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Beatrice Duke Appreciation Post

Hero, I just wanted to let you know, you have my blessing.
Honey, she doesn’t need it.
No, I just mean, she’s her own woman.

I feel I am scarily like Beatrice and I don’t know if I should enjoy that because that means I’ll get someone like Jake McGregor or be nervous because she can be outspoken and I don’t know if I’m too outspoken them :/


Ben and Bea watched the newest episode of Doctor Who together on Saturday.

They both wore Doctor Who t-shirts and ate popcorn.

Afterwards they discussed the episode: Both are excited by Capaldi, but neither are big fans of Clara…

After much (like hours of) discussion they decide to rewatch…


Benedick Hobbes wasn’t exactly sure how he happened to fall in love with Beatrice Duke, but he blamed it on the summer.

It didn’t make much sense, really, for him to be in love with her—she was so uptight, and sardonic, and she was always criticizing what he did. But it was summer, and he…

NMTD fic is the best


Subtitles Gone Wrong: featuring Nothing Much To Do
Beatrice: ‘Meanwhile, I’m still looking at the chocolate’
Hero: ‘Oh, Bea get over it’


Subtitles Gone Wrong: featuring Nothing Much To Do

Beatrice: ‘Meanwhile, I’m still looking at the chocolate’

Hero: ‘Oh, Bea get over it’

Random Screencaps: Nothing Much To Do - Episode 53: Idiots

Random Screencaps: Nothing Much To Do - Episode 53: Idiots


So I did a screen cap thing for Nothing Much To Do.


So I did a screen cap thing for Nothing Much To Do.


AU - Bea’s never met that gang apart from Hero and Leo.

AU - certain people have the ability to manipulate one of the four elements and within that element, you can specialise - e.g. Both Meg and Bea are fire elementals - Bea can breathe fire, but Meg can spread heat through a touch.


I’d like to put out that you can’t have fire without air #justsaying


I loved the quote on the t-shirt Jake McGregor who plays Ben wore in one episode of thecandlewasters NMTD because it was the perfect parody to the ‘Keep calm and carry on’ slogans everywhere which are getting pointless now and an bit annoying. (Though I guess I was the only one who appreciated that t-shirt since none of my friends found it amusing…oh well, everyone’s style of humour can’t be a clever as mine 😏)

Anywayssss I happened to be in the bookstore today hunting for a good book to gift my brother on his birthday when I spotted this beauty and almost jumped with excitement at the coincidence. It’s basically a book of witty quotes to lift your spirits and motivate you. Maybe this is more of a gift to myself than to him but this is what he’s stuck with now 😎

PS: I’m open to suggestions for any other gift ideas for a human about to complete 23 years on this planet soon.